Hi, I’m Carol!


I’m so glad you’re here! I started CreativeBizTribe.com as a platform to share my own journey and advice on personal growth and how a happy mindset has helped me in my business. 

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I talk a lot about mental health and therapy, but I can’t stress it enough – I’m not a licensed psychologist or health care professional myself.

All I do here is share my own experience as well as services, products, and techniques that helped me personally.

I am a huge believer in therapy because it made my life so much easier.

Don’t wait to talk to someone. The professionals at BetterHelp are standing by to talk with you 24/7. 




When it comes to succeeding in life, your attitude is everything. Try to stay focused on the brighter side of every situation. Keep in mind that every event has a good and bad side to it and that you can choose which one you concentrate on.

If you concentrate on the positive aspect, you will see the happiness in everything you do, even in those things that don’t always turn the way you want them to.

You can try to meditate to keep your mind clear of negative thoughts or find a new relaxation technique like aromatherapy etc.

Focus on yourself and you will find the best path for you in life without having to worry about any obstacle that might come your way.



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