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Hi! My name is Carol. I'm the face behind CreativeBizTribe.com. My goal is to help you create a business and life you love and deserve. I share my own experience and advice on self-care, growing online business and living your version of a dream life.

Best Mental Health Ted Talks

People cope up with their mental health issues in different ways. Some love to hang out with their friends to escape from their struggles, enjoying their happy moments and continuously forgetting everything that is...

Best Hobbies To Reduce Anxiety

Millions of people worldwide suffer from some form of anxiety. Anxiety does not discriminate on age, gender, financial status, sexual orientation, or pretty much anything else. According to a psychology study conducted in 2016, people...

How To Get Motivated

You don’t need an overpriced life coach to keep you motivated, even in difficult times like these. The COVID - 19 pandemic is just another obstacle in your effort to bring out the best...

How To Overcome Self Doubt & Be More Confident

There are times in life when we can be our worst enemies. Sabotaging your potential with self-doubt thoughts can be significantly detrimental to your life, health and future. Confidence is essential in order to...

How To Simplify Your Life

Life has its challenges and eventually all of us will have to face them. These challenges might be overwhelming at times but the truth is that you can stay on top of them. If...

How To Make A 5 Year Plan

If you have a vision of who you want to be in the next five years or where you want to be, planning is the key to your success. Important things don’t just happen in...

How To Get Out Of A Rut, Get Unstuck & Move Forward

We all have our moments when life seems challenging and we find ourselves overwhelmed. But no matter how deep you are in a state of anxiety or even depression, the truth is that you...

15 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

Do you want journaling to become a part of your life? Journal prompts may have various purposes. They can be about: Self-discovery Awareness Inspiration Growth Love Building your confidence and self esteem Providing a sense of...

13 Snacks That Will Detox Your Body

Detox is great for your health and as a bonus it also makes your skin look better. Keep reading and find out the best snacks you can enjoy at home if you want to...

10 Habits Of People Who Never Gain Weight

We all have that one friend who seems to stay in shape and maintain their weight no matter what they eat. But is it really working like that or do they have some secrets...