Career Shift {15 Questions to Ask Prior To}

Looking to make a career shift?

You’re in the right place.

People Change

People change, and therefore careers are bound to change. There are no hard and fast rules that say “once a career, always a career.” Change is never easy, but it always includes growth of sorts. As you change, make sure the pieces of your life, career included, have the freedom to change as well.

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Career Shift

Career Shift #career #careertips #businesstips

To start, if money were no option, what would you do with your 40+ hours/(work) week?

Or if you have recently found yourself jobless, what are you looking to do next? Not sure? If the place you are currently in at this moment is not cutting it, then make a change.

Don’t merely talk and think about making a change – act – do something to make the change.

If you know you want/need a change, but just aren’t exactly sure where it is you would rather be, below is a list of 15 questions to ask for career change direction.

Let them be your guide to ignite the spark, gather information and enable yourself to learn more about you!

15 Questions to Ask for Career Change

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15 Questions to Ask Before Making a Career Shift #career #careertips #businesstips

  1. Start here. Make a list with the title: “Topics” that Interest Me.
  2. Dig. Dig deeper. What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies, passions, etc.?
  3. Research different industries.
  4. Do you like to be active or sedentary?
  5. If you had to read 30 articles on any one or two subjects what would it/they be?
  6. What were your most favorite classes in high school or college?
  7. Join a LinkedIn Group in an industry that sparks curiosity.
  8. Travel. Go somewhere to let your mind “explore.” It can even just be within an hour of your home or somewhere remote.
  9. Exercise. Go for a run outside or do something physical – your creative energy will “run” wild.
  10. Mentor. Find someone with whom you trust to help direct you to your dream place.
  11. Write. Keep a daily journal of thoughts, ideas, happiness and frustrations. A career pattern may evolve.
  12. Volunteer. Through volunteer work, you may identify a passion you never knew existed.
  13. Focus on the “small picture.” If you like Marketing, research the industry to find all the different career paths, job functions and areas of emphasis. Sometimes breaking down an industry into a particular sector will help.
  14. And then focus on the “big picture.” There are millions of things you can do with your life. Many of them you may not even know about yet. Keep your eyes wide open.
  15. Network “outside-the-box.” Listen to conversations happening in the social space. You might stumble across a topic/job opportunity that interests you.

Creative Business

Opportunity is always right around the corner for those who work hard, have passion, dedication and believe that learning never stops. Maybe while you’re making this career shift, you consider stepping out of the box of your 9-5 and into a space filled with more freedom (aka entrepreneurship). The tribe here is always ready to help you take control of your own business and create multiple streams for revenue and impact.

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