How To Feel Better About Yourself


Loving yourself should be a constant priority you have. If you don’t love yourself, you will not be able to achieve all the things you want to achieve in life. You will not be the person you want to be for those around you and you will struggle to have healthy relationships.

This guide will support you in your journey of loving yourself unconditionally and independently from other people. Because you should be your main responsibility and no other person or relation in your life has the right to validate who you are or how worthy you are!

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Tips to start loving yourself no matter what

In order to love yourself more and in all circumstances, certain changes might need to be made. Some of these changes will be directed towards your life, while others will regard you and your outlook on your life.

Watch the way you criticize yourself

It is good to criticize yourself at times as long as you don’t overdo it. Being aware of your shortcomings will help you address them and fix them when you need to perform better at different tasks. Stay in touch with your true self without putting yourself down while you are doing that.

If you fall into the trap of criticizing yourself too much, you will find yourself desperate and unhappy. This type of attitude will point out to all your wrongs and make it harder for you to evolve. Even if, on the surface, it might seem like the opposite, as a matter of fact you will be working against yourself as you do that. Choose your self criticizing moments carefully and don’t do it unless it is something that truly matters. Accepting yourself just the way you are is better than criticizing yourself.

Forgive your mistakes

We all do mistakes of different levels and the soon you accept this to be part of your human nature the better it will be for yourself. You should try to be aware of your mistakes and learn to forgive yourself for them. Sure, it is good to hold yourself accountable for those moments of error but never stretch that to an extreme you are not comfortable with.

Blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong in your life will only increase your level of negativity and take away from the way enjoy life. You will not only love yourself less but you will respect yourself less. Actually, if you think about it, not everything is your fault. And even if it is, you will not be perfect all the time simply because perfection doesn’t exist. Since you are at forgiving yourself step you might as well start forgiving those around you who did you wrong. Holding grudges will never work in your favor.

Dive into journaling

Journaling can be a life saver if you are planning to start loving yourself more. If you never tried this before, you might find it a bit difficult to lay your thoughts on paper. But it is worth to do so nevertheless. Start simple as all you need will be a notebook and a pen. You can always upgrade your journaling as you will get more comfortable with it. You might even want to add some decorations in your journal to make it more attractive to read whenever you need.

When you are journaling go for the positive aspects in your life. Focus on your qualities, your blessings and all those things that you are grateful for. You can start writing about your successes and the progress you made in one direction or another. All types of progress should be acknowledged and cherished. Use your journal to lay down all the good things about yourself so it will boost your confidence every time you go through it.

Stay away from toxic relationships

You might not realize just how bad toxic relationships can affect you. They don’t just drain your energy and take valuable time off your day but they also alter the image you have about yourself.

If you are to stay away from toxic relationships in your life, you will also want to get rid of certain people that cause those relationships in the first place. As soon as you start looking at your relationships and people in your life, you might be surprised of how many of them are toxic to you. The important thing is to understand that no matter what type of relationship you have as toxic in your life you should either fix it or end it.

Surround yourself with people that truly love you

Since we are at relationships, you should also welcome in your life those people who truly care for you and appreciate you. This type of people will offer you the positive vibe you need to see yourself with the qualities they see in you. They will support your decisions and learn to offer you the shoulder to cry on when you need.

Having people who love and cherish you is essential for your self love process. Try to keep in touch with such individual often and invest in your relationships with them, being them family, friends or partners. The more positive things you hear about yourself, the easier you will find to love yourself in an unconditional way.

Chase your goals

Setting up goals could be a certain path towards loving yourself no matter what. If you have objectives that you are working towards you will want to keep applying yourself until you reach them. This will make it easier to look at your qualities and learn how to develop them in order to serve you best.

When you are motivated, you learn to stay focused on the positive parts of you that can help you fulfill and materialize your motivation through different means. You will build your confidence stronger as you are chasing your goals for a better future. Having a good set of goals will also generate a good attitude. And the best thing to do in order to love yourself is to have the right attitude!

Have a positive attitude

Having the right attitude leads us to building a positive attitude regarding your life. Staying positive will help you look at the world in a better light but also look at yourself better and appreciating who you are more. If you maintain a positive vibe you will learn to cherish your good side and work on your downfalls in order to evolve as an individual.

But first, you will have to be aware of your positive aspects. You have plenty of qualities and you should be proud of them at all times. You are an unique person with an unique beauty. Celebrate that positive side of you and focus mostly on it without allowing any negative aspects to take away from it.

Indulge in self care

If you don’t have a self care routine by now, it is time to implement one. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. You are a complex being and you should indulge in taking care of all those aspects. You have a spiritual side and a material side, and you should take care of both of them. Cherish your mind, heart and body with the same importance.

Self care includes different steps for each one of us. But generally, you should mind the type of information you want to access for instance the books or movies you enjoy, you should spoil yourself every now and then as well as offer yourself time to relax. While these are common aspects of self care, feel free to find your own self care routine that works for you.

Take a long bath every other day with your favorite scented candles. Or purchase that dress or shirt you always wanted to have. Or maybe you want to go eat at a new restaurant that opened in your town. Either way, self care is about enjoying your time with yourself and pampering yourself every once in a while.

Have a good time

No matter what your day is filled with, the type of activities you have to do or want to do, you should always make a point out of having a good time. Enjoying yourself through life will help you love yourself more in a variety of circumstances. You will be able to appreciate yourself from different angles and you will learn your true value.

Do things that bring you joy throughout your day in order to lighten up the mood and take the pressure off yourself. Take breaks to read something that will make you laugh or watch an interesting movie. Whatever you choose to do will work miracles as long as you have a good time and learn to relax even if it is for just a few moments.

Self educate when you have the time

If you still struggle to love yourself no matter what, you should take your journey a step further and check out some self books on this matter. There are many people who struggle with self love and you are never alone in this process. This is why authors from all over the world put together complex guides to help readers just like you.

Self education is important in all areas of your life but even more so when it comes to yourself. You will go through many events and situations in your life and you might need help to cope with them. Self education books are there to support you and offer you some if not all the answers you need to be successful not only at what you are doing but also at loving yourself.

Be your biggest cheerleader

Celebrate your successes and learn to encourage yourself when you need to. There will be many moments when you will find yourself questioning your path and in these times you will also question yourself. In these times you should be your main cheerleader and keep yourself going in the direction that you want. Be aware of your worth and trust in yourself. You have to believe that you can do everything you set your mind to do without thinking of your limitations.

Encouraging yourself to move forward when it seems like nothing works in your favor is a significant skill you have to develop. Use motivational quotes and affirmations and understand that sometimes there will be setbacks. But none of these setbacks is permanent and you shouldn’t worry about your potential at all.


Learn to understand yourself and appreciate yourself at the same time. You will discover who you are your entire life and you will constantly have to adjust to the new version of you and love yourself for it. This might come natural to some extent but it can’t hurt to invest in it a bit in order to keep yourself on track. The moment you let yourself go, you will notice many areas of your life will be affected. And the more time you spend without getting back to loving yourself no matter what, the harder it will become. So, do the changes you need to do now and enjoy the results of your self love journey!

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