10 Habits Of People Who Never Gain Weight


We all have that one friend who seems to stay in shape and maintain their weight no matter what they eat. But is it really working like that or do they have some secrets that we should be aware of as well?

Here are ten of the best habits of people who never gain weight! Try them out yourself and see how they change your weight and looks!

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  1. Make healthy choices

Everything starts with you and what you choose to eat. If you choose to have a healthy diet and count the calories, you will most likely be able to manage your weight without struggle. However, if you like to splurge and enjoy fast food or processed food and sugar, even if you do it rarely, this will put your weight at great risk. If you do fall on the “sinful” side of your diet though, you should try your best to be moderated and do it as rare as possible.

Start small. If you’re used to ordering a burger with fries and coke, why not start with a burger, salad, and water for example. I’m not saying that this is the healthiest meal, but you got to start somewhere, right?

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  1. Giving up is not an option

You should accept the fact that you may relapse. Even if you stay on the right track, chances are that you will be faced with a birthday or a holiday where plenty of unhealthy food will be on the table. You can control yourself and eat just what you know is good for you. However, you might have a fallout.

If this happens you need to be gentle to yourself and get back on track as soon as the feast is over. No need to go down on a complete road of relapse for just one event.

  1. Decide what is your ideal weight

Your body is different than others and you have to keep in shape according to your health and height. Make sure to take into account your lifestyle as well. If you work at a desk most of the time, you will have to reduce your calorie intake in order to consume less than you spend.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is crucial when it comes to maintaining your weight. You should have on average about two liters of water a day. But if you drink coffee you might need to also drink more water as caffeine can get you dehydrated really fast.

Always keep a mug of water close to your desk and a bottle of water every time you leave your home. Experts say that when you feel thirsty it is already too late for your body and you are heading on the path of dehydration.

  1. Talk to a specialist

When it comes to your weight, you might be taking unnecessary risks and putting too much stress on yourself if you try to manage it alone. So, if you can talk to a nutritionist who can help you balance your diet. A specialist will guide you towards the best choices for your body and health without you stressing yourself too much.

  1. Don’t act on impulses

The worst thing you can do when it comes to your eating habits is acting on impulses. Not having junk food in your house will make it easier to resist those impulses. The chances of you running to the store to get a snack are lower so make sure you cut this type of food from your kitchen.

  1. Work out regularly

In order to stay in shape you have to exercise. You don’t need to overdo it, though. Simply working out three times a week will be efficient enough. You could go for a run or try some other type of cardio that works best for you. If you don’t want to go to the gym you can easily work out in the comfort of your home. Yoga and stretching are great things to do for your body. Whatever you choose to do, don’t stop. Even 15 minutes of work out can dop a lot for your body.

  1. Reduce sugar to a minimum

Sugar is highly addictive and it comes in all forms. On one hand, you have the natural sugar from fruits, which is also the healthier option. On the other hand, you have the processed sugar that you should try to avoid at all costs. Stay away from sweets and other foods that are rich in sugar. Make a habit of reading the tags of the products you consume. This will help you know just what you eat so you know what to avoid.

  1. Stop comparing your body with others

We are all different and so are our bodies. According to your height and body structure, your weight might differ from the ideal weight of other people. And that’s ok, because you’re unique! And comparing yourself to others won’t do you any good.

  1. Give your body the rest it needs

When you sleep, your body resets and recharges its batteries for a new day. It boosts your metabolism and helps you digest and assimilate the food you eat. Make sure you sleep between seven and nine hours each night in order to wake up rested.

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