How To Make A 5 Year Plan


If you have a vision of who you want to be in the next five years or where you want to be, planning is the key to your success.

Important things don’t just happen in our life.

We should prepare for them an add our contribution in order to achieve the goals we have. There are aspects you need to consider in order to be where you want to be in the five-year time frame.

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So, let’s look at the best way to create an efficient plan that you will find easy to follow!

Decide If You Need A Five Year Plan In The First Place

A long term plan that will cover the next five years of your life might not be for everyone. You should consider creating such a plan if you have long term goals you want to achieve.

Making your goals intentional will be the best gift you make to yourself.

Long term plans reduce procrastination and increase productivity along the way.

If this rings true to you, keep on reading to see how you can achieve your goals by creating the best five-year plan yet.

Steps Towards Your Five Year Plan Strategy:

  1. Establish your goals

You need to set up your long term goals before you start doing anything else. Without such goals there will be no real motivation for creating a plan for the next five years of your life. Simply picture your future. What do you want it to be?

As you set up your goals try to incorporate the most important aspects of your life.

You will want to consider your future home, job, love life as well as health and other parts of your life that are important to you.

Writing these goals on paper will definitely support you in your progress for the next years.

  1. Acknowledge and adjust your limited beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the lies we tell ourselves.

It’s called a belief because we believe in it. We truly believe that about ourselves. If it starts with “I can’t” or “I’ll never”. You, my friend, are dealing with a limiting belief here.

Examples of limiting beliefs:

“I’m an introvert, hosting a podcast wouldn’t work for me”

“I’m too old to start taking care of my body.”

And here’s what you need to work on.

  1. Create a vision of your future

In order to get to be the best version of yourself in five years you should be aware of what that version is. How do you want to feel in five years? Who do you want to be in five years? Getting to know your future self will help you adjust your present self to be ready for that crucial meeting. Improving your life takes small and constant steps. But you need to identify your current situation correctly just as you will have to define the one you aspire to achieve.

  1. Implement healthy routines

It will be extremely difficult to create and implement a five year plan with no good routines in place. Success is built on healthy and productive habits that you should pay attention to from the early days. Make sure you start your day with a healthy morning routine and continue it with other productive habits.

Consider forming habits especially for those parts of your life that you are struggling with. For instance, if you eat at irregular hours try to fix that. Same when it comes to your sleeping schedule, morning and evening routine as well as other aspects. Improving these areas of your life will support you in achieving your long term goals much easier and with less stress along the way.

  1. Break down your goals into smaller objectives

Break each big goal you have into small objectives that you can follow every day of your life. If you do that you will know just what you have to do on a daily basis to get to where you need to be. Each small objective is important for your final success.

So, if your goals should be reached in five years, the objectives you have leading to them should be spread over months, weeks and days. After you established those objectives, you should do your best to follow them.

  1. Stay determined

Motivation is everything. Without being determined and staying motivated, you will not be able to reach your five year vision. Staying determined, however, might not come naturally at all times. Five years is a long time frame and you will have plenty of ups and downs along the way.

Keep your eyes on the final prize in order to make it.

You might find motivational books, quotes and media programs useful as well.

And don’t underestimate the power of the people in your life.

Most often than not, those who are close to you and support you will be able to help you stay on the right track. So, turn to your trusted fellows when you feel lost or a bit off your game.

  1. Put Your Plan Into Action

A plan is nothing without an action that puts it into motion. Once you have your plan on paper, start applying it. Start from the small steps and work your way up to bigger objectives. Remember that you will have times when you don’t feel like going through certain routines or habits. But that doesn’t mean you should quit. Go back to your chosen motivation source when that happens and stay back on track.

If you have off days don’t punish yourself too hard for them. But make sure that the unproductive habits don’t take over the positive ones that will lead you to where you want to be at.

It is very important to believe in yourself and your potential in the long run. Use the tips in this guide to get the plan you need and reach your success that will completely change your life for the better!

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