6 Effective Ways To Stop Self Sabotaging Your Success


As we grow older, we will encounter with the lot of issues that can affect our whole personality and outlook in life. Most of the time, we deal with these things in such a way that we do not notice the changes we are bringing into our lives.

If these changes are good, then that can prove to be beneficial for the person. It can actually help us grow and continue on with our lives with a healthier mindset.

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However, if you are not doing good and making yourself feel bad and overthinking about it then, it can create issues for you. This is called “Self Sabotaging”.

So, what is self sabotaging?

Self sabotaging is the subconscious act of ruining your emotional and mental health by doubting your personality, skills and mindset.

In this situation, you are doubting yourself that by telling “you can’t do this”, “you are worthless” or criticize yourself most of the times. This is why although it is a subconscious and conditional act, it is quite dangerous for most people. Mental health issues are usually the end-results of self sabotaging tendencies.

6 Proven Tips to Avoid or Overcome Self Sabotaging

Avoid Hating or Neglecting Yourself

You do not know how much you can destroy yourself just by simply not appreciating the things you do or the way you are. By continuously hating or neglecting yourself, you will build up this wall that can hinder you from achieving your personal goals. This issue is something that worsens overtime, which is why it should be dealt with as early as possible.

For you to stop neglecting yourself, the best thing to do is to stop, breathe, and think things through. Usually, this issue occurs because you are trying to catch a timeline that is not yours, and when you fail in doing so, you will blame yourself more and more.

Stop dealing with the pressures of society and start dealing with the things at your own pace. Eventually, you will get to where you want to be, and you will be able to bask in the glory of your success.

Learn to Open Up

Usually, when people are out with their friends, they tend to put on this invisible mask that tends to hide what they are really going through. Nothing good will happen if you just hide your feelings behind this mask. Eventually, they will eat you up, and you will just ruin yourself more and more if you continue living like this.

The solution for this is simple: open up. Learn to talk to others in a way that they can understand you. You can try doing this by starting with your closest friend. Start opening up a conversation, and ask their opinions about a certain issue you are dealing with. When the conversation goes on, you can talk about that specific thing on a deeper level.

By doing this, you will get to have a more connected and personal relationship with your friend, allowing you to share more with them

Stop Pretending to Be Someone Else

Sometimes, we tend to get this idea that wearing this set of clothes or buying this accessory will make us cooler or more famous. Well, guess what? Life does not work that way.

Whenever you see someone and you suddenly feel the urge to copy their lifestyle or be like them entirely, you should stop. When you start to do that, you will forget the essence of personality and you will just destroy your emotional integrity altogether.

This is one of the most tackled issues when it comes to self sabotaging, which is why it is essential to look out for clear signs that are trying to be someone else. By the end of the day, you are who you are, and you should not go through any adjustments just to prove that you are similar to someone or better than them.

Find Time to Take Care of Yourself

Did you notice that when you start to doubt yourself, you are more likely to avoid things that you used to love?

You stop buying your favorite food, going out and enjoying the mall, or maybe playing your favorite game or sport.

Whatever the case, self sabotaging has a lot of implications. If you are forgetting to take care of yourself, then you are experiencing one of the worst ones.

One leading contributor of self sabotage is self deprivation. By depriving yourself of the good things in life, you are only worsening your case. Spoil yourself with little things, such as good food, a new movie, or maybe a new addition to your collection or hobby. Nothing beats the satisfaction of taking care of yourself, which is why it is important when it comes to overcoming self sabotage.

Avoid Procrastinating

Did you ever have those moments where you just want to relax and finish a significant task at the last minute? That is procrastination in the simplest explanation. If you think about it, it is not that bad. That is until you start to do it on a regular basis.

Procrastination is very toxic when it comes to your mental and emotional welfare. The more you leave off a task and decide not to do it right away, you are just cramping up your timeline, resulting in more stressful moments than you are used to. After that, you will only end up blaming yourself, which is a clear sign of self sabotaging.

If you want to avoid procrastination, you should push yourself to finish your tasks as early as possible. Do not give in to tempting leisure activities, and control yourself, so that you can fully focus on your tasks. By doing this, you will eventually phase out procrastination in your mindset, enabling you to be more productive in the future.


The simplest step to take if you want to avoid self sabotaging is to listen. People could be talking to you and they could be giving excellent advice, but if you are not listening, then they just wasted their time.

Try to listen to other people’s suggestions in order for you to avoid sabotaging yourself. If you do not agree with their opinions, then that is okay. You can weigh out what’s right and wrong yourself, and you can eventually come up with an idea of how to help yourself move past that self sabotaging phase. When it comes to doing this, you also have to listen to your positive side, which means you need to drown out that negative mindset.

There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help those who are suffering from self sabotaging, so it is best if you seek out their advice and follow those that you think would be very helpful.

Self Care is the Best Care

Self sabotaging is something that naturally comes along if you are not mindful of it. When it worsens, it will gradually eat you up inside, making you feel as if you are not enough for this world. Do your best to stop thinking that way, and take note of these tips so you can help yourself out. Eventually, things will get better, and you will start to improve along the way.

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