How To Stop Taking Things Personally


On some days, we tend to feel as if the whole universe is taking time out of its busy schedule to ruin our lives. We tend to mess everything up, we arrive late on our perfectly planned events, and sometimes, we tend to miss all of the important stuff that we should be at. If you are one of those people who feels like their whole life is falling apart, read on this article, because it can thoroughly help you out.

Would you believe that most of the time, what you are feeling is just a result of you taking everything personally? Sure, it may sound kind of rattling and offending, but if you think about it, it is true. Sometimes, we tend to forget that most of the problems we encounter are simple things, and we can easily get past them. We suddenly fall into this pit of anxiety, self-blame, and recklessness that will eventually eat us up inside.

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If you are dealing with issues like these, you do not have to stay this way. You can take baby steps into fixing everything up, and eventually, you will find yourself in a more peaceful and beautiful state. In order to help you out, here are five amazing steps to take for stopping yourself when it comes to taking everything personally.

Six Steps for a More Peaceful Life

  1. Reassess the Things that You Believe In

Sometimes, we tend to believe the things that our brain tells us to think. For example, when you greet someone, you would initially think that they will greet you back. When they don’t, you will start feeling anxious and beat yourself up with it, even though the real thing that happened is they did not see or hear you.

These are the things that will continuously consume you if you do not reassess them right away. Using the previous example, you need to think about the ridiculous things that you usually think about. By acknowledging the fact that things are the way they are, you will get to move on from these little mind-boggling thoughts, and you will be able to relax more because you will not stress out about them.

  1. Fill Your Timeline With Activities

Another step you can take to stop taking everything personally is to fill your timeline with fun and informational activities. By doing this, you will get to distract yourself from everything you have been thinking about, and you will find the time to be more productive.

This part is also quite useful if you have this constant anxiety about what other people are thinking of you. If you are too busy for other things, you are certainly too busy to care about what other people are thinking. That is the most important part, since by flushing away all the negative energy, you will get to absorb and enjoy a lot of positivity in your life.

  1. Remember that You Cannot Control Everything

When it comes to life, there are certain things that we can and cannot control. Problems and other challenges in our lives are inevitable, which is why it is important to take note that we cannot get a hold of them all the time. By setting your mind this way, you will become more peaceful, and you will be able to do things a lot easier than you did before.

Stressing yourself out over things that you cannot control will not help you improve and grow. If you want to move on with problems you are currently facing, acknowledge the fact that some of them are just there to annoy you. Find a way to go around them, and forget them as you continue on with your life. Eventually, things will get better, and you will find yourself having a healthier perspective.

  1. Get a Hold of Your Emotions, Absorb Them, and then Let Them Go

One of the most effective methods of freeing yourself from this dragging mindset is to acknowledge your emotions. In the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, his former professor (Morrie Schwartz) taught him how to handle his emotions effectively. Morrie said that in order for you to process your emotions, you have to feel them first.

If you are feeling happy, stay happy, absorb it, and move on. When you are feeling sad, absorb the sadness, acknowledge that it is happening, and let go of it. The same process goes on for other emotions, and Morrie actually had moments in the book wherein he portrayed this effective process.

If you are thinking that this is just a book, you are totally wrong. This book is based on Mitch Albom’s life experiences with his former professor. If they can get through all the challenges they faced, you can definitely get through yours too. Start with this simple process, and you will notice one day that your life is slowly getting onto the positive side of things.

5. Start Believing in Yourself

The deal with taking things personally is that it will take a big hit on your self-esteem. You will start to doubt yourself, your skills, your looks, basically everything about you, and you will tend to think more about what other people are thinking of you. This is an unhealthy mindset, and you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

By believing in yourself, you will tend to get more confident when it comes to the things you love. You will be able to express yourself in a more delicate manner, and you will inspire others to follow your lifestyle. It does not sound bad at all, considering that you will be a positive influence when it comes to other people.

If you do not know where to start, you can simply feed yourself with the “placebo effect”. If you do not know what the placebo effect is, it is the method of tricking your brain that you are well, even though your body says otherwise. If your brain sends those good signals to your body, your cells will regenerate faster. This is why it is used for patients with physical ailments. Of course, it may also be used for people that are dealing or struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

By telling yourself that you are doing good on a daily basis, you will eventually reach a point wherein you believe the positive words you are saying. You will have a new outlook in life, and you will forget the things that you used to take personally.

  1. Start the Change Within

If you want these positive changes to take place in your life, you should take the first step today. Nothing bad will happen if you embrace change, especially if it is a good change. Slowly, but surely, this process can help you become a better person and individual that can influence your society with a newfound respect for life.

Taking things personally could provide a lot of negative effects on our physical and mental health. Avoid this mindset by taking the steps that are listed above. The day will come when you will wake up, get out of your bed with a new glow, and face the rest of your day with a healthier and more positive mindset.

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