Law Of Attraction: How To Create A Vision Board To Manifest Your Dreams


The law of attraction can change your luck for the better. But how can you apply the law of attraction in such a way that your deepest desires will materialize?

Creating a great vision board might be the answer to your question. There is a lot of motivational power as well as a lot of positive energy in a vision board. You can create it easily and this guide will show you just how you can do that. So, keep reading to understand how a vision board works and how you can make one for yourself!

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What is a vision board and why should you create one

A vision board is a wide board or page that includes all your major life goals. Every time you look at your board you should get the feeling of knowing exactly where your life is going. Make it as appealing as possible and place it somewhere you can easily glance at.

Creating a vision board is a great way to motivate yourself and also attract the successes you want to reach. Many successful people such as Jim Carrey, Oprah or Beyonce, talked about their own vision boards and how they manifested their goals through them. Having such a board doesn’t mean that you can skip the work that gets you to your plans. It only means that you will have positive energy to reach them.

How to make your own vision board

Creating your vision board is not complicated and there is no set in stone steps to follow either. You will just have to let your creative spirit guide you and allow your desires to materialize through your board. Even so, we put together some great steps that will get you in the right direction as you want to get your first vision board.

Establish your goals

Creating a vision board without goals is pointless. You will need to have the actual things to visualize in order to get it to manifest. But you don’t have to focus on specific goals in just one domain of your life. Take all the aspects of your life and think of everything you want to achieve.

Think of your career, health, love life, finances or social life and establish your personal goals for each of these areas of your life. You can write these goals in a list format on a paper that you keep close as you move on to further steps.

Set up your categories

Your vision board will be split into several categories according to your goals. If you want your health to get better for instance, health would be one of the categories. Maybe you want to get married next year, this way your love life would make for a different category. And if you are interested in trading jobs or getting a promotion, this would be a goal for your career category. Apply this logic for all the goals you might have for your long term future. Make a different list with the categories you want to add on your vision board and keep it handy.

Find the right pictures

Vision boards are all about pictures. But you can’t just go for any type of pictures you come across. You should find pictures and images that match your categories and even more important, your goals. You might like the picture search more than other steps when it comes to putting your vision board together.

It is easy to find amazing images on Instagram, Pinterest and other networks so you can use them in your vision board. Once you have at least one picture for each category of your vision board, you can start printing them. You also have the option to use different magazines and cut images that suit your vision board. Whatever works for you should be fine for your vision board.

Put your vision board together

Now that you have your goals, your categories and your pictures, you are ready to start putting your vision board together. This is where your crafty skills kick in and you can make the best of them.

Get a corkboard that is wide enough and start assembling it with your goals. This will be fun and rules free. You can place the categories wherever you want on your board. They can get scattered randomly or you might want to place them in order.

Feel free to add the decorations, stickers and anything else you need in order to get creative and have a fantastic vision board. You can use washi tape, pins or any other supplies to stick the pictures to your vision board.

Put it in a place you can see it easily

You should place your vision board where you can easily look at it every time you need some motivation in your life. The wall in your office might be a great start. You also take pictures of your vision board and have them in your phone for when you are on the go.

Being able to look at your vision board in order to get the inspiration, motivation and determination you need is essential for manifesting your goals.

Things to add to your vision board

The things you add to your vision board will be entirely up to you. These details are different for everyone and most likely what suits you will not suit another person which is why you shouldn’t generalize anything.

Get every category of your life and think of your next goals such as how you want your life to be in one year. If you are struggling with your job, make finding a different job a purpose and take the steps to follow it. The same goes for other areas of your life. Assuming you want to move, add it to your vision board as well. Set a realistic deadline for all your goals and some steps that will get you there. Add this type of information along with a representative picture to each category present on your board.

Keep in mind that there is no reason to get too in detail with the path that will lead you to reach your goals. You can use a planner for setting up your daily priorities, weekly tasks or monthly objectives that will eventually get you to reach the major goals in your life.

What do you need to make your vision board

In order to put together your perfect vision board, you will need a few items that will help you create it properly. None of the following items are expensive and you shouldn’t have any problem finding them either.

You need a corkboard that is a decent size. You can find it at most book stores but you can also order one online from Amazon. Don’t choose a board that is too big as it might be uncomfortable to place it in your home. But you also don’t want it to be too small because you need the space to add pictures and goals as well as occasional text and decorations.

You will also need the photos you found online printed so you can add them to your board. When you print them try to get them in a clear resolution so that it will be inspirational to look at them on your board.

Don’t forget about glue, washi tape or any other similar products that will help you stick your pictures and other decorations to your board. You can go with whatever works for you at this point as long as everything stays in place on your board, you win.

Also, think of a way to hang your board on the wall. You might need to get strips or think of a different format. This will depend according to where you want to place it as well. If your board will have a frame it might be even easier to hang it on your wall or simply place it against a wall.

So, get all you need and start assembling your ideal vision board together today!

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