Pinterest Marketing Tips

15 Super Effective Pinterest Marketing Tips

Have you ever heard that Pinterest can bring tons of traffic to your blog or website? No, Pinterest is not only for fitness, fashion, and food. It can be a very effective marketing tool that can continuously drive tons of traffic on your website. If you’ve been somehow involved in internet marketing then you are aware of how important that is.

Here you can find an assembly of 15 Pinterest marketing tips that are effective in 2019 as they were in the year before. And yes, even though 2019 has just begun, everything you will find here is recently tested and works like a charm.

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Let’s get started…

1. Open a Business Account

This is the first and most important step you need to do. Having a business account means access to analytics, rich pins, buyable pins, and promoted pins.

2. Learn About Keyword Research on Pinterest

Even though most people think of Pinterest exclusively as a social network, it isn’t. It also doubles as a type of search engine. Ask any expert and he will tell you that keywords are the true currency of Pinterest. First, you need to learn how to find suitable keywords for your pins so that you can use them later. Without this, you can not expect any positive results from your Pinterest page. Pins without the right keywords are much harder to be found and get way less exposure than the ones with the right ones.

3. Add Keywords to Your Profile Name

Whatever your profile name, try to include some keywords in it. For example, your name is John Doe and you are promoting yourself as a blogger and a marketing guru. You can name your Pinterest profile “John Doe I Marketing Expert and Blogger”. The “I” is a nice little touch that separates the name from what you do. And at the same time, you got some catchy keywords attached to it.

4. Include Keywords To The Bio

Again, it is not just about telling people what you do and maybe reveal part of your personality, but also to appeal to the Pinterest algorithm. The trick here is to add two or more keywords while keeping things real and easy on the eye. Also, it is recommended you add a call to action to the bio. For example, visit my blog if you want to know more about this and that.

5. Claim Your Blog/Website

It is important to claim your website because once you do its link becomes clickable. That alone translates to more visitors. In addition to that, you got access to analytics which will show what people are saving from your blog/website. But in order to get access to the analytics, you need to paste a custom code on your website.

6. Make a Board For All Your Blog Posts

Even though your blog posts can be on multiple pins, it’s recommended to have a dedicated board for all your content. And when you create this board don’t forget to add keywords.

7. Fill up The Boards

Don’t just add your own pins or some random junk you’ve found. Combine your own content with high-quality content from your niche. First, keep the boards secret. Make them public only after you add at least 30 top quality pins. In case you have some personal boards, the professional thing to do is to keep them secret.

8. Follow Influencers

Once you set up your Pinterest page you need to start thinking about finding followers. The best way to start is by watching how the influencers are doing it. On top of that, you need to create a profile of your ideal customer. That way you can create targeted content and present that content in a proven and effective way. Much like the influencers in your niche do.

9. Be Consistent

Pinterest’s algorithm likes active members. Therefore add pins regularly. According to some experts, 30 per day is the optimal number of pins. Again, don’t focus solely on your own content. Make things more interesting by adding someone else’s pins on top of your own. But make sure that every pin is of great quality. Otherwise, don’t bother. Quality always comes before quantity.

10. Add Keywords to Your Pins

Keywords mean that search engines can understand what your pin is about. If you want your pins to appear on search results you make sure that you got your keywords in order and in place.

11. Add Hashtags in Your Pins

Many people follow hashtags and make searches using hashtags. Don’t miss out on those people and make sure that every pin features few hashtags. Pinterest allows up to 20 hashtags, but don’t go to the max. Instead, focus on four or five hashtags.

12. Call to Action in the Pin Description.

The all point of you being on Pinterest is to promote your blog and gain some traffic. The ideal pin should have a call to action that will make people click on it. It’s that or the pin to be saved. Worst case scenario people neither click nor save your pins. For example, a pin can contain CTA such as:

• Click and get this free ebook
• Signup for a free course
• Get this free cheat sheet
• Get free recipes
• Download five premium themes for free

13. Join Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards present a great opportunity to present your content in front of a larger audience. The trick as always is to provide super interesting content represented in pins crying to be clicked or saved.

14. Make Most of Tailwind Tribes

This is a tool that is created to help marketers and bloggers to connect to each other and share each other’s content. Tribes hold many similarities with group boards, but they are way more effective than them.

15. Make Sure That Your Blog/Website Is Mobile Friendly

Most Pinterest users visit the platform via mobile phone. That means much of the traffic you will receive from Pinterest will come from mobile phones. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of that make sure that your blog/website is mobile responsive.


There are plenty of other strategies and tips that can be used to drive traffic from Pinterest. There might be even some there are more effective ones than the ones mentioned here. But nevertheless, the ones here are proven to be effective and are still in use. Any smart blogger or marketer can use them and benefit greatly from them. They are easy to follow and don’t require special knowledge. Pinterest can be your traffic “goldmine”, just need to be willing to make the most of it.

Learn how to grow your business with Pinterest marketing: Enroll in the Pinterest Marketing Course