7 Things That Can Contribute To Our Anxious Thoughts


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Do you palms get sweaty in stressful situation?


Yes, that’s anxiety! Even when you do not know it, you deal with anxiety on a daily basis. You feel anxious when you are in traffic, when you are late for work or when you are waiting for a specific thing.


No matter where we are and what we do, anxiety is within us most of the time. Anxiety may lead to a lot of complications when it comes to our physical and mental health. It will ruin our way of thinking, and it will stress us out, causing unexplainable pain within our bodies.


If you want to get rid of those anxious thoughts, the first thing to do is to acknowledge it. If you do not know that you are suffering from anxiety, then you cannot help yourself. In order to do that, one of the first things you should do is to know the causes of anxiety. Thankfully, you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to discuss all the things that supposedly bring about those anxious thoughts of ours.


Thoughts That Cause Anxiety


Parental Pressure

This is one of the leading contributors when it comes to our anxiety. As we grow old, some parents tend to force these three things into our lives: a stable job, marriage, and a place to live. Although they mean well, dealing with their constant reminders could give a whole lot of anxiety within us. It also doesn’t help if you do not have a healthy relationship with your parents.

If you want to get rid of your anxiety from parental pressure, the simplest thing to do is to talk to them. Explain to them that the pressure is too much, and they should understand that you are capable of handling your life at your own pace. By simply having an open discussion about things, you could release yourself from the tension that you are constantly feeling.


A Full Tummy

Having a large meal and a full tummy can be quite satisfying, that is until the anxiety creeps in. Most people tend to rant that they feel bloated after eating a lot, even though the reason is clearly obvious.

When you feel anxious right after you ate, you might experience a few physical symptoms that can affect your comfortability. To avoid these symptoms, you could try eating a more balanced meal, and make sure that you are not eating in a way that is as if it is your last meal ever. Eat slowly, enjoy the food, and you will have a satisfied belly and a brain that is anxiety-free.


Social Media

When you browse around your social media sites for long periods of time, you will notice that you are comparing yourself to others. This will bring around anxious thoughts about your looks, your career, and your overall progress in life. Social media is one of the leading causes of anxiety, which is why it should not be tolerated. Thankfully, there is a way you can get through this easily.

The solution for social media anxiety is simple: do not stick around too much in it. Keep yourself busy from your daily tasks, and make sure that you are not spending way too much time on social media. Watch yourself when you are browsing through your accounts, and try to set a personal timer, so that you will know if you are getting hooked again.

By balancing your time on social media and your personal life, you will get to have a lifestyle that is more productive and with less anxiety.



If you are an overthinker, you are feeding your anxiety effortlessly. Overthinking will do you no good, especially since nothing will happen. You are just thinking about things that are most likely to happen, but we will never know if they will.

To avoid overthinking, try to distract yourself with other stuff. Watch television shows & movies, catch up on the latest songs, or play a game on your computer. This way, you can reroute your thoughts and reset your mind to avoid thinking about negative stuff. Only then will you release yourself from the grasps of anxiety.


Too Much Coffee

Being a coffee lover is okay, but too much of it will bring a few complications, and that includes anxiety. If you are drinking too much coffee, you are more prone to anxiety than you used to be. Aside from this, you will suffer from palpitations, thanks to the caffeine’s side effect partnered with your anxiety.

To avoid this minimal problem, try cutting down on your caffeine intake every now and then. You could also consider decaffeinated coffee, so that you can still enjoy the beverage without compromising your health.



If you are dealing with financial problems and you are having a hard time finding a solution for them, anxiety may suddenly kick in. It also doesn’t help if the bills are coming your way, which is why you need to take care of this matter in a more organized manner.

To deal with your anxiety while handling your finances, always prepare a pen, a pad, and a calculator by your side. Take it slow, and plan your budget effectively in a relaxed manner. Eventually, you will find yourself getting calm as you plan out your finances, getting rid of the anxiety that contributes to your stress levels.


Being Out in Public

Being out in public could cause a lot of anxiety triggers, especially if you are not a people person. This is because you do not know what could happen while you are inside a big crowd. You might stumble, bump into someone, or worst, get your things snatched away from you. Although these things do not happen most of the time, the thought of them might worsen your anxiety while you are outside.

The best way to deal with this matter is by listening to music that you love. By doing this, you will help yourself relax in a more effective manner, and you will get to walk around easily while you are drowned in your favorite tunes. Eventually, you will get accustomed to your surroundings, and your anxiety will tone down for the rest of your time outside.


The Little Things Matter

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their anxiety. Some methods may be effective for others, and not effective for you. The quickest way to get rid of your anxiety is to pay attention to the little things. By doing this, you will become more attentive, and you will get to take care of yourself in a more organized manner. Lastly, take note of the things that can trigger your anxiety, and make sure that you will avoid them next time.

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