How To Make Money Blogging


Before even considering blogging, you need to ask yourself, do I know how to make money through blogging at all and what are the most effective strategies to make money through blogging. If you’ve asked yourself those two questions – great, you are on the right track.

The thing with blogging is to think of monetization from day one. Even when you have zero subscribers and just a handful of visitors, think of growth and how to turn that in money. Blogging is not your everyday job. You will need to put a lot of effort and time so that the money starts flowing in. And once you are on the money train, it starts coming in from that point on. By any standards what you make in the beginning won’t be a lot, but it is the basis upon which you will be able to create a serious income.

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Basic Advertising Strategies 101

Almost all beginners look at Google’s Adsense program as the holy grail of advertising. Well, it might be easy to become part of the Adsense network, but that’s pretty much it if you are just starting. The truth is that Google’s Adsense is only good for blogs with high traffic, like really huge. For everyone else it’s is simply a waste of valuable space and inefficient monetization.

Blogs that generate 25000+ sessions per month will find MediaVine to be more effective than Adsense as they pay better rates per visitor.

Blogs with 100K+ visits can apply for Adthrive.  According to their calculus, blogs with 100K+ earn 3x times more money with them than with any other advertising network. Their ads can be found on many popular blogs.

The Art Of Making Money With Direct Ad Sales

Direct ad sales mean you bypass advertising networks like Adsense and Adthrive and go directly to the advertisers. That way you can sell ad placement directly to the advertisers. You can wait for advertisers to contact you or you can pitch your blog to them as a top place for their ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Selling services or your own products is somewhat of a too big of a challenge for most new bloggers. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in place. It means that for every purchase directed from your blog you get to have a certain commission. It’s a simple method that can bring a ton of money on your account. You can sell almost any product on Amazon and get a decent commission for it. The trick is to be good at promoting products, give recommendations that people will accept as such and buy stuff.

Sell Your Own Products

There are two types of products you can sell: physical or digital. Either way, blogs are the perfect platform for selling products. You’ve already established some relationship with your readers and now you can offer them something that relates to their interests.

Offline training, eBooks, courses, seminars, everything that they can relate to and can find useful. Or if you are a fashion blogger, you can sell some fashion accessory produced locally. Whatever the product, it is crucial to resonate with your readers.

Best platforms for hosting your digital products –, Teachable

Sell Your Services

Bloggers are often recognized as experts in their niche. You can offer your services as a consultant or an expert to projects that require expertise like yours. And who else better to recommend then yourself. You can be a web developer, graphic designer, economist, digital marketer, writer, translator, etc.

Your own blog will do your own bidding. That way you won’t need to apply on freelance websites and compete with other freelancers. Not to mention the facts that you will be able to bypass the fees that freelancer’s platforms take from your earnings.

And last but not least, you are not any regular freelancer. You are a proven expert. That way you can set your own price and stick to it.

Subscription Monetization Model

If people really value your content and find it very insightful then they will be willing to pay for it. This is where a subscription monetization model comes in place.

The thing with the internet and online blogs is that there are too many mediocre ones. Blogs that serve content that is not well-researched and in truth doesn’t hold too much value.

On the other hand, if you can get at the bottom of things in your niche, have relevant and always current information, got a strong base of avid followers, then you can offer a paid subscription. It doesn’t have to be for all content, just for the top blog posts.

How To Create A Steady Blogging Income

  1. Write posts with monetization in mind.

If you need to write fewer blog posts do so, but make sure that every post is written with monetization in mind. The trick here is to say whatever you want to say with your post and “in between lines” make your call to action that will make your writing worthwhile.

  1. Never underestimate the power of emails.

Nothing can replace your email subscribers as they are your most loyal audience. Make sure that you always got some gift, some giveaway just for them. It is a community that will keep on giving back both in page views and sales.

Read more about my favorite email provider – Why Choose MailerLite Over ConvertKit When You’re Just Starting Out

  1. Don’t depend on ads too much

As the popular saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Instead, diversify, join an affiliate marketing network, start selling your own product, sell your own services, or whatever you think can bring cash.

How to start a blog

Nowadays, you don’t need too much technical knowledge or anything like that. There is plenty of step by step tutorials that are easy to follow and that can help you with the technical stuff. And you can master all that in a day or sooner, without any previous knowledge. Just with some basic understanding of how things work on the internet.

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