How To Overcome Self Doubt & Be More Confident

In order to arrive at your fullest potential, you need to overcome self doubt, all of it.

There are times in life when we can be our worst enemies. Sabotaging your potential with self-doubt thoughts can be significantly detrimental to your life, health and future. Confidence is essential in order to be successful in everything you are doing. If you lack confidence in yourself, it will show not only in everything you do but also in all the relationships you are having.

Self-Doubt in Business

Do you know why else it’s important to avoid self-doubt when it comes to business?

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Doing so will prohibit you from achieving your ultimate goals.

This is a guarantee.

Half the battle of getting from point A-to-Z in your career is believing that you can. If you don’t believe you can, then you certainly won’t be taking the steps you’ll need to take in order to see it come to fruition.

Overcome Self Doubt

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Overcome Self Doubt #selfdoubt #motivation Be more confident

This is why we put together the best ways to boost your confidence and be aware of the amazing qualities you have to offer to the world around you!

Project your confident self

There is power in projection and you should definitely use that power to your advantage. Think of yourself in the best terms and try to project the way you would react if you would be more confident. Do you know how would you feel being confident?

Picture yourself with the boost of confidence you want to have. This will have a great and positive effect on your brain. Eventually, you will train your mind to build the confidence you need on a daily basis. Confidence is a habit of the mind and it has a lot to do with the way you see yourself. So, look at yourself in a better light and you will find it easier to express it in front of the world!

Write down the things you like about yourself

Journaling might not be a habit for everyone to pick up but it will most likely help you if you give it a fair chance. You only need a few minutes every evening to write your thoughts on paper. You can write about your day, emotions you experienced or thoughts you had. As long as you keep it in a positive note, you will transform journaling into a great dose of self-empowering.

Writing about yourself and your life in a positive manner will impact the way you understand yourself and also the way you treat yourself. You might notice that you start to respect yourself more as your self-esteem is boosting with every page!

List your successes

The best way to boost your confidence is to acknowledge your wins. No matter how big or small your personal accomplishments have been so far, don’t let yourself forget about them. Keep your successes in mind by listing them down and placing that list where you can see it. It can be something small like finishing a book to something more significant like losing a bunch of weight. If you finished a certain school or you were successful in a project at your work, list it down!

Every time you feel self-doubt creeping into your mind, take a glance at your list of wins and you will notice a smile appearing on your face. If you did it in the past, chances are that you can do it again in the future. Keep that in mind and allow yourself to trust in your potential!

Use daily motivational tips

Motivational tips or quotes can do miracles for you. There are thousands of motivational quotes you can use to help increase your confidence. You can find them online, in magazines or even other sources of entertainment. Every time you find a good motivational quote write it down. This way you can go back to it every time you need a little push in the right direction.

Besides motivational quotes you can also use the internet to find speeches or any other motivational material. Music can help you a lot as well. So, keep your eyes and ears open in order to find the best sources of motivation. Once you make a habit out of this you will observe your mindset switching to a more positive vibe. Start applying as much as you can from the motivational tips you find that sound true to you.

Try something new

Your comfort zone might be one of the most important culprits for your self-doubt. Unfortunately, you might not be able to break out of your lack of confidence without damaging your comfort zone first. This might sound easier said than done but it is very rewarding once you achieve it.

All you have to do is try something new when you have the chance. Instead of refusing things you don’t know, try to embrace them and experience them. As long as you take care of your safety and you are not taking irrational risks, you will find a different level of confidence in this strategy. You can start with simple changes to break your comfort zone such as eating at a different restaurant next time you go out.

Once you get used to this mindset you can start trying a new sport that you were always postponing or even going to a new event that could help you in your career. Anything you choose to do out of your comfort zone will help your confidence get stronger.

Building your confidence is vital for all aspects of your life. But once you got the level of confidence that you are comfortable with, you should also conserve it. Don’t let every little thing that doesn’t go your way affect your self-esteem and make you doubt yourself! If you find yourself in a self-doubt cycle again, all you have to do is read over your journal, look at your list of wins or try something that seems out of the ordinary for you!

Overcome Self Doubt #selfdoubt #motivation

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