Creative Business Tribe {What is this? Do I belong?}

This is the creative tribe, creative business tribe in particular.

If you’re here right now, you belong.

Well, maybe.

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First, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I identify as an entrepreneur?
  2. Are the hours in my day maxed?
  3. Do I enjoy my business and want to grow it?
  4. Am I looking to make more money in my business without adding in more physical hours?

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Creative Synonym

Here are my 5 favorite synonyms for creative:

  1. artistic
  2. imaginative
  3. innovative
  4. original
  5. productive

Tribe Synonym

Here are 5 synonyms for tribe:

  1. association
  2. clan
  3. people
  4. society
  5. type

Creative Business Tribe {What is this? Do I belong?}

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Now, let’s do a mash-up of everything from above to understand more about this community and how it’s here to serve you.

YOU are in the middle, the center. This is you and your business.

All you need is a little creativity and a group of people to help see your business get to the next level financially.

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Creative Approach

And when I say “you need a little creativity,” that doesn’t mean you need to be a creative by trait.

No, you don’t need to be a graphic designer, artist, or marketing director.

The creative approach you need to take is not nearly as complicated as you’re likely thinking it is.

What you will need is the desire for growth via something you already do and love – your own business.

I’ve got the rest covered for you because I’m here to teach you in simple, digestible ways, how to create things online for business growth.

Content creation #makemoney #onlinebusiness #create Creative Business Tribe {What is this? Do I belong?}

If you’re here because you already have a business you adore and see growth in, then I’m here to help you make the desire for growth a reality.

Creative Mind

I would say I have always had a creative mind. I’m not talking about art; painting, drawing, or even doodling. In fact, I can’t even draw a stick person without getting that awkward look of, “What exactly was that supposed to be?”

However, when it comes to crafting words and creating via online tools, I’m obsessed.

My own story is that I was in love with the gut and helping women with IBS and IBD start their healing journey, focusing on food and lifestyle.

While my traditional degree is in Marketing/Mass Communications/English, I also went back to school later to become a holistic health coach. Anyways, if you’re interested in the full resume, it’s in plain sight for all to see HERE.

I digress.

My passion for the gut never left, but at some point I realized that I felt sort of stuck. I wasn’t growing, even though I was constantly sharing all the things via my main website.

And then, in about 2018 (6 years after starting the business), I decided to get highly-focused, niched-down, and strategic. I realized that because I had been talking about so many things to different audiences (and doing so mostly for free, by the way) that ultimately I was saying basically nothing to anyone.

Focus & Niche

Here is the order of things I did next:

  1. Honed in, figuring out exactly who I wanted to serve and help on a daily basis. I couldn’t be everything to everyone.
  2. Created a main e-book (paid) for that audience.
  3. The audience loved the e-book, and I knew I was headed in the right direction. Also make note: at this point I’m still doing what I love every single day, but finally making more (passive) money with it. You create the e-book once, then move on while it sells.

And that was all it took to launch into something I never knew could be possible.

Today? Like you, I have physical products. But I also have e-books, an e-journal, an e-course to accompany my journal, and I’m currently working on my first, huge online course to release.

But the creativity really didn’t even stop there.

Once I knew my exact target audience, I also started to monetize (mostly passively) in other ways as well. These top 2 ways are:

  1. affiliate income
  2. ads

Today, “in all my spare time” (ha ha), I get to keep researching the gut then creating around it because it’s what I love.

Passive Income #makemoney #onlinebusiness Creative Business Tribe {What is this? Do I belong?} #create

And again, this is my exact goal for the Creative Biz Tribe and for you today: take what you already love then create something around it to sell passively.


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