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How To Stop Taking Things Personally

On some days, we tend to feel as if the whole universe is taking time out of its busy schedule to ruin our lives. We tend to mess everything up, we arrive late on...

Best Hobbies To Reduce Anxiety

Millions of people worldwide suffer from some form of anxiety. Anxiety does not discriminate on age, gender, financial status, sexual orientation, or pretty much anything else. According to a psychology study conducted in 2016, people...

10 Signs That You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Whenever we go through something nerve-wracking in our lives, we tend to get distracted and lose our cool. Some of us are most unfortunate, watching everything in their life decline as they lose control...

7 Things That Can Contribute To Our Anxious Thoughts

Does your heart beating faster than normal?   Do you palms get sweaty in stressful situation?   Yes, that’s anxiety! Even when you do not know it, you deal with anxiety on a daily basis. You feel anxious...

Best Mental Health Quotes To Help You Feel Less Alone

Some of us are fortunate enough to live with our family, and have a great time in the presence of our loved ones. However, there are some people who are living far away from...

7 Best Mental Health Podcasts That Can Help You Feel Better

  Are you struggling from mental health issues?   If yes then it can be a problematic experience in your life. It makes you uncomfortable, unprogressive, and ruins your productivity in a way that will cause a...

Best Mental Health Ted Talks

People cope up with their mental health issues in different ways. Some love to hang out with their friends to escape from their struggles, enjoying their happy moments and continuously forgetting everything that is...

How to Build Your Self-Confidence and Live up to Your Full Potential

There you are at a certain period of your life, sitting and wondering how did I get here? Why haven’t I done more? Why does it feel like I am stuck in some perpetual...

The No-Bullshit Guide on How to Reinvent Yourself When You are Feeling Lost

Feeling lost?   Feeling desperate to find yourself again?   It is truly awful to feel like that, but it doesn’t have to be like that for too long. There is a way out of the abyss, even...

The Ultimate Blueprint on How to Get Through a Bad Mental Day (Without Visiting...

There are days when you can barely make yourself get up from your bed, let alone go to work or do anything productive.   Things like that can happen to anyone, even if you didn’t have...