How To Tag YouTube Videos To Rank Higher And Get More Views

How To Tag YouTube Video To Rank Higher And Get More Views

What Are YouTube Tags?

Tags are an important factor in YouTube search algorithm. They are the words that give YouTube context about the video.

How To Tag YouTube Videos?

Your very first tag is the most important one. So your first tag should be the exact keyword you want to rank for. Use both broad and focused tags. You’d want to give YouTube the context about the video.

Imagine you’re YouTube and you’re trying to figure out the best video for a certain search phrase. Seeing 20 different tags won’t help you evaluate the context of the video. So I suggest you stick with 5-10 tags max.

How To Choose The Best Tags For YouTube?

How long shoould the tags be? Use 2-3 word phrases for a keyword tag.

Are there any tools I can use that will help me find the right tags?

VidIQ Boost


You can also research the tags your competitors are using.


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